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Desk + Chair - Heartwood Apollo
Desk+Chair - Heartwood

Heartwood is a manufacturer and importer of high quality and affordable office furniture based out of Kelowna, BC.

It’s hard to find a more local supplier than this. Heartwoods customer service is outstanding. This is my main supplier of desks, storage solutions and all custom made furniture.

Heartwood Distribution is the import branch of Heartwood. Through their large storage and shipping facilities in Vancouver almost every item from this line is available immediately. It usually takes only about one week from order to install!

Desk+Chair - Supplier ErgoCentric
Desk+Chair - Supplier ErgoCentric

ErgoCentric is our main supplier for ergonomic seating. Based in Missisauga, ON ErgoCentric offers high quality Canadian build office seating that will fit all body sizes and shapes. Let us find the right chair for you! Set up an appointment for a chair fitting!

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