At Desk and Chair, we are passionate about creating healthy office environments

Desk And Chair Office Solutions is your specialist in the ergonomic office workplace.

We are passionate about creating healthy office environments for home offices, home based businesses, small and large companies and municipalities to name a few. We strive for excellence in customer service. At Desk And Chair, you will get to deal with the owner from first contact through the whole process to installation of your furniture.

If you are experiencing issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and shoulder pain, or your lower back hurts, ask about an workplace assessment and consultation. We can help by adjusting your seating position, monitor height and other adjustments to your workplace or we can make suggestions for updates to your furniture.

Desk And Chair Office Solutions works by appointment only and does not have a store front.

Owner Lars Noack has many years of exceptional customer service experience. He became passionate about ergonomics in the workplace after spending way too many hours sitting at his desk and experiencing painful episodes of lower back and elbow pain. Lars is now the go-to guy for quality office furniture in the East Kootenay region of BC.

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